Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Boy Chonies.

This was my Fall "back to school" picture.  Oh I'm so lucky to get to teach my cute BYU voice students every semester.  Not to mention the ones I teach in Alpine. I love these students and the joy their fun personalities bring to my life.  

And my expanding belly makes my proper breathing technique demonstrations so . . . obvious.  
(6 months prego but who's counting.)

Meanwhile, someone is sporting BIG BOY CHONIES.
I'm not exactly sure why we call them chonies.  That's what Crew's older cousins call them.  
It sounds more masculine than "panties," I guess. 

 I started trying to potty train Crew this summer right in the middle of busy Wedding Season.  
Also traveling season and house-guest season.

Not the best idea. 
Let's just say I was less than consistent. 
And once I forgot he was wearing chonies instead of a diaper 
and laid him down for a nap. . . . . oops.  
don't judge just feel sorry for me.
 This time Daddy took over for a little bit and Voila!
An (almost) Potty trained boy. 
We're all happy about that.
So happy I could eat another mint brownie.