Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo Tip: Flattering Faces

This is a basic tip that can be used even for your point-and-shoot or cell phone camera.  The people in your life will thank you because they will look so much more attractive!

If you have a zoom lense, step away from the subject, and then zoom IN all the way. Lenses have a natural distortion that, when zoomed OUT all the way, make the center of the picture appear bigger.

For headshots, when, say, someone's nose is in the center of the picture, that's not the best.  I have yet to photograph someone who wants their nose to appear larger!

My cute sister was in town today interviewing for grad school, so she became the subject of this tutorial. (Thanks Jen)
Here is the extreme example:  (These were taken with my 24-105 4.0L zoom lense)
For the first photo, I stepped back, then zoomed all the way in on her face.  My focal length was 105.
Then, for the 2nd photo, I zoomed my lense back to 24 mm, and got really close to her so she would fill the frame.